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Board Game Buffet

Sep 16, 2019

Dean is joined by Uwe Eickert from Academy Games. From designing to publishing, Uwe discusses Storms of Steel, Agents of Mayhem, One Small Step and their upcoming game Stellaris Legacy.

Uwe then discusses tariffs, kickstarter and secrets of publishing. 

Plus we learn a little about Uwe's likes and dislikes in the hobby...

Sep 9, 2019

Join Graeme and Dean as they announce a new format change and then introduce a couple new segments.

"Pickup or Delivery?": Our recent purchases include discussing Hands in the Sea; Claim; Dilluvia Project and Strange Vending Machine.

We discuss our take on the idea of a reviewer embargo and is it that different than other...

Aug 26, 2019

Join Graeme and Dean as they discuss GenCon, test Graeme's gamer cred and the continue with a look at hidden gems in their Top 5 "Games that Intrigue Us on BGG 10,000-9801"

Plus they give alternatives for Wingspan in If You Like That, You May Like This; and a couple of Leftovers from the back of the shelf.

Aug 15, 2019

In the Second of two episodes about air combat games Zach and Dan discuss Check Your Six (Skirmish Campaigns), Nighfighter Ace (Compass Games) and Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles (Ares Games). 

Aug 10, 2019

Join Graeme and Dean as they discuss Smartphone Inc., Cosmic Balance, Ticket to Ride: London; Barbarians: The Invasion; Super Pacs and Killing Code: Venice Vendetta.

Top 5 "Games that Intrigue Us Ranked on BGG 10,500-10,001"

Plus we have a special If You Like That, You May Like This: French Themed Games! 

All the usual...