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Board Game Buffet

Feb 25, 2020

Join Graeme and Dean as they welcome a Buffet listener, Tom, on this episode to discuss some games and a Draft of their current Top 5 Worker Placement Games they want to get back to the table.

The debate breaks out over what exactly constitutes a worker placement game. They also discuss "How Many Times Do You Need...

Feb 10, 2020

Join Graeme and Dean as they discuss some KS nonsense, Patreon, celebrations needed in board games. Plus they talk about some First Bites with Pact, Animal Kingdoms and Paris: La Cite de la Lumiere.

A Top 5 "Potential Hidden Gems on BGG Ranked 9400-9200" and some Leftovers/Comfort Food in Merkator and Rhein River Trade.

Jan 29, 2020

Join Graeme and Dean as they discuss Flotilla by WizKids; Bios: Origins by Sierra Madre, Masters of the Night by Ares Games.

They draft their Top 5 Lunch Time Battle Games and discuss Punishing Co-ops in their If You Like That, You May Like This segment.

Patreon is now available.

Jan 13, 2020

Join Graeme, Dean and Erick as they discuss their Top 5 Favorite Games from 2019. 

They also discuss which of their 2019 games just need more plays to make a better judgement and which games are they still needing to get played.

Thanks for listening!

Jan 6, 2020

Join Graeme and Dean as they discuss Horrified by Ravensburger and Cthulhu: Death May Die by CMON.  They also discuss what they want for Christmas and determine a certain someone's cleaning lady is trying to impress their boss.

Top 5 "Potential Hidden Gems BGG Ranked 9600-9400"